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#INTERNET Ah, we're back! Like we said, we were just "chilling out" for like 3 years. Feels good to have the team back writing. Still us three: Chuck, Benjamin, and Virgil. Got new interviews coming up, and hopefully we'll be posting on a regular basis, who knows. We also interviewed each other, check: CHUCK, BENJAMIN, VIRGIL...

Still Can’t Tell Him Nothing!!!

When I say that “Graduation” is an art movement along with an album I really mean it. The creativity and complete disregarded for status quo is super liberating. Enter Zach Galifianakis “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” video part 2. It’s kinda like if he doesn’t do it, who will? This kind of creative freedom puts the “artist” in POP-artist. Who knows what’s next…were 6 weeks out from the (now bigger) Sept. 11th unveiling…

Bocas Del Toro!!

An island post! Its been a while right? Well, back at it…and this one is the quintessential ‘tropical paradise’ type. It actually looks a bit like something you’d fin din the South Pacific but its actually a Caribbean island right of Panama. Bocas Del Toro they call it. This post was actually prompted by one of my favorite magazines, Islands, but my good friend Kevin put me onto the location quite a while ago - sorry for the late post Kevin, ha. So yeah, it’s small, its lush, beautiful beaches, hike-able rainforest, super cheap resorts, kind of hard to get to, and has pretty good real estate available to foreigners as well. Some of the pictures in the new Islands magazine are just unbelievable - so beautiful. That classic palm lined beach that backs right up to jungle - perfect. Check out the link for this fresh resort called ‘Al Natural’. It’s a low-eco-impact resort, super chill, and super cheap.

Martin Klimas photography!

Love this stuff. So unbelievably crisp – and so surreal with that whole ‘fraction of a second in time’ feel to it. I’ve always loved how stark those super hi-speed cameras make stuff look in test footage or on Myth Busters. This is a considerably more artistic approach to that. I just can’t get over how surreal it looks…also has this mind of ‘massive’ feel to it. Like everything is bigger. Love the birds…I bet that was a difficult shoot to organize and execute. Love the flower vases exploding/being shot as well…all of his stuff really. Thanks to Nicolai for the heads up on this stuff…!

Lumen Chicago!

If I make a post about a local establishment, I am really into it. Like my AVEC post or Momofuku, pure heavy weights. This time I am posting about a bar so its gotta live up my other recommendations. Lumen is this newer spot in my second favorite neighborhood, the industrial West Loop. You’d think opening a club/bar/whatever is rocket science since so many places get it wrong. You know the whole miserable bouncer or clipboard girl, $20 cover, Ikea furniture. Well Lumen is that spot that feels authentically MOMA-ish inside. Concrete floors and super clean lines everywhere and their focal point…tons of LED lights that do a bunch of crazy effects to the music etc, hence the name. Its no Sustainable Dance Club but is equally as cool. No stress at the door, just pure good fun. I like their whole branding thing too. The best part about their website is the photos and the calendar that links up to djs myspace pages so you know what your getting into.

Applefella? RocaPod? iHov?

Ha…the title was corny, but I kind of had to do it. So…if Jay-Z wasn’t already kind of amazing – now he is hanging around with Steve Jobs and building a new ‘super label’ with Apple?! Too funny – the two individual people I post about the most are now supposedly working together. Not a ton of information available – but apparently Jay-Z (eventually we’ll have to call him Shawn right?!) and Beyonce will be ‘heading up’ the new music division at Apple and it will obviously be based entirely on digital distribution. What’s wild is that I guess Jay has rights to Kanye, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Rihanna, probably Beyonce somehow, and others…so he can just snatch them from Def Jam or their respective labels. Crazy stuff. Honest…who knew?!!!? Jay-Z and Steve Jobs doing business…yeah, I’m kind of into it. ***Microsoft: It’s all good, you guys still have that big-ass table computer.

Flight of the Conchords!!!

“I can’t believe I’m sharing a kabab with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen with a kabab.” Ha… Jemaine and Bret’s act/characters/whatever it is they are doing on their HBO series Flight of the Conchords are funny enough to keep me watching after Entourage is over on Sunday nights…It’s one of those shows where you ask all your friends “hey have you seen this show yet!?” and then you watch an episode with them sitting there hoping to God they will find it as funny as you, much like I’m hoping Ben and Virgil will find it funny as I am posting this…this is the kind of thing I could get an email from Ben about that would be like “eh…I like Cedric the Entertainer more.” And I’ll be like “Oh…” So anyways, just go to HBO’s Flight of the Conchords site to watch full episodes. Two awkward dudes in NYC from New Zealand and their overzealous manager Murray…Ha. Watch the 4th episode on that HBO site and tell me Murray isn’t one of the funniest characters you’ve ever seen. When I see him on the show it’s almost like when Kramer entered the room on Seinfeld. You knew he was going to say something embarrasing, awkward, or dumb…Anyways… Check it out. Make sure to check out the “If You’re Into It” video on HBO…

New NoPattern site!!…with a story!!!1

New site, new store, new prints, and for the first time ever – t-shirts. I’m wearing one as I post this. Before I chat up the new site…Chuck’s been a close, close friend of mine for like 4 years now I think, but we’ve known each other for literally like 10+ years (that’s nuts isn’t it Chuck?!). I probably do a little reminiscing every time I do a post about his work – sorry I can’t help it. So yeah, I’d love to gush about Chuck’s new site and its design, interface, custom backend, etc – but I’ve never been one to brag, ha. Chuck hit me up a few months back requesting me to take a design/vision he had for a new site and turn it into a reality with its own custom backed developed specifically for him. I don’t really freelance anymore, and working for friends can be weird…but this was an awesome project to work on. Chuck and I really share the same vision on keeping things simple so it was a blast to make a backend as well as the front end with that in mind. And it’s always cool to work on a site that gets pretty high exposure – in fact Chuck literally JUST emailed with some stats, whoa. It’s just too cool to have a bunch of friends doing amazing things and being able to collaborate with each other on stuff, seriously. I’m continually amazed with what my friends have cooking (Virgil, I can’t wait till everyone gets the bigger picture view of what you are doing right now, whoa.) it’s probably my number one source of inspiration – the company I keep. Long post…but whatever, its our blog we can talk about ourselves, ha.

Andrej Belic - Underwater photography!!!

First off, I love the background of Andrej’s site. The sunken ship in the dimly lit sea is a beautiful backdrop of the photos of amazing deep sea life, coral, fish, and everything else that’s here. I’ll keep this brief because photography like this should speak for itself, but make sure to check out the St. Johns set. Some really amazing things there…


One of the most interesting parts of having a website is checking your site stats. I find it fascinating to see where people are looking at my site from around the world, what kind of platform they use, where they got linked from…etc. Most everyone has some kind of simple stat counter/tracker that is a part of their site’s backend, but Reinvigorate does it best, if you ask me. It’s a beautifully designed stat tracking site…I believe it’s still in beta stage right now but you can apply for an invite and most likely begin using it within a few days of that. They also just put out a small, helpful app called Snoop that attaches to your Reinvigorate account and feeds real-time visitor info so you dont constantly have to check the website if you want an easy way to see where people are coming from at least. Anyways, much respect to Sean, the creator, and the idea of pushing good design into usable and simple things like this.

Kazuki Kuraishi freelance & Fragment professional!!!

Keeping with our theme of steadily uncovering inspiration we present an insightful interview with Kazuki Kuraishi. Some people are gonna be like “who?” while some others are gonna be like, “whoa!”. Definitely seated atop niche design culture its cool how this interview just kinda fell into place. I first came to know who Kazuki was years back with an awesome interview on the trendsetting beinghunted. It was a privilage to catch up with him in person and see where his motoviation comes from and what inspires his personal work and his contribution to Fragment. Enjoy this interview we had fun putting it together.