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#INTERNET Ah, we're back! Like we said, we were just "chilling out" for like 3 years. Feels good to have the team back writing. Still us three: Chuck, Benjamin, and Virgil. Got new interviews coming up, and hopefully we'll be posting on a regular basis, who knows. We also interviewed each other, check: CHUCK, BENJAMIN, VIRGIL...

Things I like and use often!!!

What a title for a post…anyways…You’d think with all the namedropping and shine we give to various companies and products, we’d be getting gobs of free stuff, hookups, and emails relentlessly thanking us for driving fives, possibly tens of people to them. No dice. Anyways… Here is a list of things that I use frequently or just on occasion, but that I really love and find totally necessary to live day to day. And by totally necessary I mean could probably manage without them but I think they’re just the *BoMb*.
+Crest Whitening Expressions Vanilla Mint - This toothpaste is like brushing your teeth with ice cream, I’m serious. You’ll feel like you just got done eating a vanilla ice cream cone mixed with some kind of toothpaste topping.
+On the same track as the last one, Trident Splash Peppermint Vanilla Gum. I keep a pack in my car at all times. This gum is the COOLEST.
+I said it before and I’ll say it again. Triscuits Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil. Eat these with some mozzarella and you’re basically all set. Basically. I had a box of these in my kitchen as well as the Rosemary & Olive Oil ones…my mom was over and she tried them both and said “These taste like stuffing (Rosemary), and these taste like steak (Cracked Pepper)” She was right. It’s like a holiday dinner in a cracker… FINALLY.
+My American Apparel Nylon Taffeta A-Way Jacket, AKA a windbreaker that can roll up into itself and be carried around like a fanny pack or purse. I don’t ever do that though, but if I was like, a hiker or something, then maybe…but yeah…this thing just fits and looks so good. So simple. Great for these beautiful Chicago spring winter-like days.
+TiVo. Actually, I don’t have TiVo, I use whatever Comcast calls their TV recording service…but just as well…recording TV like this…nothing new…but something I find myself constantly grateful for when I don’t feel like sifting through about 1,000 channels plus onDemand…I can just watch old episodes of South Park, Miami Ink, and Ultimate Fighter. And sometimes Doctor 90210.
That’s all I’ve got for now. Tune in next time for “Things I like and use often” when I take a look at my Staples “Easy” button, a calculator with large keys, a Brita filter, and a tub of honey mustard.

Dior No More!!

So being off email and internet pretty much all last week I am still catching up on all the news. I heard that Hedi left Dior…I knew his contract situation was up in the air, but wow he kinda quit. I have wanted to do a Dior/Hedi post for a minute for a bunch of different reasons I kept putting it off. He’s that designer that can design anything with a clean edginess. From photography to physical stores to layouts to a ready-to-wear line Hedi is a unanimous talent. I even held off posting about Dior cause the jeans are almost too good. Before you know it middle America is gonna ditch their Seven jeans. But seriously the denim cuts and washes are perfect. His decision to leave has already caused people scoop up whatever pair of Dior jeans are left on the rack. They will be like 1947 LVCs in 40 years. Kris Van Assche is taking his place which is actually an awesome replacement. He’s a little Dior and a little hip hop at the same time. The candidness of Hedi’s outro speaks volumes about him as a designer and the circumstances of art being a business.

Google has $11 billion to spend on crazy ideas!

I mean, I guess this isn’t a terribly ground-breaking idea – that Google would be chasing wilder ideas than VC’s, but it is interesting to read their comments on it. It’s actually a great inside-look into what makes them what they are. Chase the most outlandish ideas, ones that don’t seem possible…I seriously love that. Honestly. The link below has the full article, but this quote from Salman Ullah of Google kind of sums it up: The crazy ones mean they ignore the usual restraints of investment levels required or design parameters or ‘Gee I need more servers than anyone ever thought was possible.’ When you free yourselves from these constraints, you create crazy, cool things. Seriously, how cool is that? They have such an intense focus on innovation…such a love for it. Very inspiring, I’m actually really happy to see this here in America…where so many other industries are boring and stagnant. Anyway, check this article…really good stuff. *** And how cool is this thing?!


Man oh man I am stepping up my jetsetting game up. I have been m.i.a. in Asia for the last week in a half soaking up the experience of being in arguably the most influential city, Tokyo. To top it off the people I am meeting….sheesh 2 days ago we bumped into then had an impromptu meeting with Hiroshi Fujwara, ran into the girl a couple posts down Lindsay Lohan at Wendys and did the last miute backstage sidestep into front row at Beyonce first show of her tour in front of 30,000 people all like it was nothing. The things I am seeing are on one of those 6-8 month information time lags too. You know I am gonna blow it out once these things happen but everyone has to wait. I would hate to ruin some surprises. But seriously this is one of those life changing trips and I suggest everyone blows out their vacation time and remembers how unimportant keeping your daily routine can be…lobby call in 10 mins, gotta get ready…

Blackberry + GQ + Lohan!

I usually don’t buy GQ…or rather, I haven’t in a while…but I was at my local grocery store – the D&W in Gaslight Village and I figured why not, maybe they’ll be some good reading. Lucky I did – cause they did this fresh ‘concept interview’ with Lindsay Lohan… While it didn’t turn out amazing or anything – it was a great concept and execution. The idea was simple: give Lindsay Lohan and the interviewer each a Blackberry and simply print a transcript of their conversations, questions asked, etc…everything. Even how long the responses took. Really pretty brilliant. And of course it they had Terry Richardson to the spreads…that dude…I wonder if he ever imagined working at the level he is at now?! Anyway…good stuff, thumbs up to GQ for the cool concept.

Jay-Z on Nightline!

Been a while since I did a Jay-Z post…Jay did a cool interview on Nightline with Martin Bashir - I’m actually not sure when it was, somewhat recent, and it’s posted up on YouTube. If you read our site often you’ll know I’m (chuck and Virgil too) quite a big fan of Jay…on all the different levels – music, business, inspiration, trend-setting, etc. Interviews like this one and the 60 Minutes are always fun to watch…catch that inside glimpse…or what Jay convinces us is an inside glimpse. Good stuff. Cool to see Martin Bashir ask the ‘tougher’ questions…about the ‘hova’ name and quoting ‘Big Pimping’ lines…I’ve wondered myself what his answers would be. PART 1 (same as link below) & PART 2


Spring time…or not? It’s like 30 degrees here today, no joke it was 75+ last week! What happened? Speaking of what happened – can I get even just one decent hip-hop track? Seriously, everything is terrible. Although that new UGK ‘International Players Anthem’ is pretty good. So I’ve been using Treo’s for like 3+ years – time to switch to Blackberry? There is this new candy out called ‘Sweet Tart Ropes’ – a-ma-zing, seriously, really good. What about girls? Dear downtown Grand Rapids arty-indie-cobrasnake-hipster-type-girls, I see you walking in Heritage Hill – where do you go on the weekends?! I’ll be at Bar Divani enjoying their amazing new lobster-baked-potato thing, swing by. I got some new jeans, and true story, they are so fresh I can’t even write them up here cause I don’t want to blow up the spot, do some research. People are still starting new streetwear blogs? What do you think will replace email? Seriously, I was thinking – like, will pop3 be around in the next 5 years? Speaking of technology – funny how images are the new focus, like soooo web 3.0. What will be the next funny internet trend? ‘Sad Crab’ is still pretty hilarious, check it. Will DayJets change the way we travel at all? Will it kill first-class? Man, I seriously love ping-pong – what a fun ‘sport’. Well…I think that will do it, have a splendid day everyone. ***I added a new feature to scrimg, called ‘words’…so instead of ‘tags’ they are…you know, words. Ha…

Oakley Frogskins!!!

I am glad the retro phase we’re still in didn’t die without the Oakley Frogskins getting their due justice. This red flagship model revived by Supreme is a lesson in collaboration. I still have my clear plastic smoked lens ones on my dresser. I remember going to the mall, checking out those bulletproof super 90’s shaped Oakleys and NEEDING a pair of these Frogskins shades. They were a vital part of that laid back BMX culture. Very Ray-ban classic, but Body Glove hip with the wild color combos. Smart move Oakley. Good thinking Supreme.!

So I hadn’t personally coded anything in a long time…was starting to feel like all I was doing as of late was consulting, pitching, meetings, etc…I’m not mad about it, its all really good stuff. But I wanted to do something new… It’s actually a super-simple site…not really ground-breaking, or maybe it is. Basic idea: just like those other photo sharing sites, you can upload a jpg and share it on a form, send to a friend, whatever, etc. Except with you can see where it’s actively being shared, how many times its been viewed, which images are most popular, and you can text it to a phone…yeah. And you don’t have to login to upload stuff. The whole front page is kind of like a ‘Digg’ type model for images on the net, which are most popular – and then a freshly uploaded area too. I mean, really I did this cause Chuck and I are addicted to funny internet pictures, seriously. O rly, I can has, do not want, etc…all the classics. Ha. So check it out and upload something!! ***It’s beta so it might not work perfect…GIFs don’t work I don’t think, embedding on myspace doesn’t work (YET! I got a fix coming!)…and yeah, could be some other weird errors as well. But hey, I programmed the whole thing myself over a couple days. I got a bunch of other stuff I’m doing too…

Andrew Bird!!!

I’ve been missing out for a while on Andrew Bird, only recently discovering his beautiful new album Armchair Apocrypha…but better late than never. Probably the most fascinating thing about Bird’s music is the story behind the musician himself and the instruments he plays. Violin, glockenspiel, and guitar combined with a very unique style of whistling and a great voice that “...has been compared to such eminent company as Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke, and Rufus Wainwright, but has a quality all its own.” (Source). And his lyrics? Intense doesn’t really do his lyrics justice… I love the opening song on the new album, “Fiery Crash”... Describing how basically you don’t get on a plane anymore without thinking of 9/11… just really interesting subject matter and words that he chooses. The Amazon review’s first line says “Strip away the music of an Andrew Bird song, and you’re left with brilliant prose (“across the great chasms and schisms and the sudden aneurysms”), vignettes about mentally fending off plane crashes, infiltrating characters like the kings of Macedonia and Lou Dobbs, and titles such as “Yawny at the Apocalyspe.” I’ve got to check out some of his older albums now too…from what I’ve read they’re equally great. Perfect cover too… What if his last name was Lobster instead? Andrew Lobster.