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#INTERNET Ah, we're back! Like we said, we were just "chilling out" for like 3 years. Feels good to have the team back writing. Still us three: Chuck, Benjamin, and Virgil. Got new interviews coming up, and hopefully we'll be posting on a regular basis, who knows. We also interviewed each other, check: CHUCK, BENJAMIN, VIRGIL...

Interview! > Mark the Cobra Snake!

Mark The Cobra Snake is cooler than most people. Trust us. The now famous 'party photographer' took some time out of his busy schedule to tell us all about his baby, LA Weekly, hot girls, his truck jewelry, and eventually traveling to outer space. If you're not familiar with his site you are already at -50 cool points, so read this, and go to his site often.

THE BRILLIANCE! > Mark The Cobra Snake… How is everything going lately for you? What’s happ’nin!?

Mark The Cobra Snake! > everything is going really really good.. ive never had more things on my plate and im still hungry for more.. this year is really important for me… i want to do everything i can to make this photographing thing work out….

TB! > Tell us what means to you using only two words. No more, no less.

MTCS! > hot action (i dont know any big powerful words, sorry)

TB! > Now this time, use as many words as you want.

MTCS! > is my baby.. i am so excited that people seem to like my baby….i get tons of compliments when i walk down the street pushing him in his buggy…thecobrasnake is cool because its a place where i can freely express myself and have a large audience be affected by my work…i think the internet is a great tool.. babys are good too.. but its not a good idea to have a baby unless you know how to use the internet

TB! > How did The Cobra Snake start? Give some background on the whole thing.

MTCS! > well it was way before the dinosauraus times…like back when cave men were making top ramen for dinner…back in january of 2004 i was attending community college.. i had the best time of my life.. never paying attention in class and plotting my attempt to take over the world with some silly photo website…

TB! > Wasn’t it Polaroid Scene before? Why did it change, did you get a ‘cease-and-desist’ from Polaroid?

MTCS! > it was originally called polaroidscene… how did you know that??? yea polaroid sent me lots of mean letters telling me that they would sue my ass if i didnt stop using the name.. the good think is now im better off… people would always say hey thats not a polaroid camera…

TB! > The Cobra Snake. What the hell does it mean? Where did you come up with the name?

MTCS! > its just one of those things…. kind like cheesecake or elvis

TB! > Besides The Cobra Snake… Can you tell us what you do for a living?

MTCS! > i try to devote most of my time to thecobrasnake… but i also do lots of little side jobs….

TB! > Where do live? What’s your favorite city, favorite club/place to be for pictures, and dream spot for a trip/vacation? Least favorites?

MTCS! > i live in los angeles… people always think i live in nyc.. they are stupid… i like new york a lot and try to go there at least once a month.. but los angeles is my home and i cant see me living any where else….i dont like favorite questions because im not that picky… my dream boat spot would probally be a crazy ass european tour.. that would be amazing….

TB! > So, you’re friends with some cool people. You’ve got celebrities in your shots, some big name artists, bands, musicians…Were these people friends prior to your rise as a photographer or friends gained along the way?

MTCS! > i have no friends.. all those celebs just ham it up for the camera….

TB! > Do you consider what you do to be art? Or more of a journal of interesting photos for entertainment? I mean - it can be looked at in a lot of ways. What do you think, and what’s your intent?

MTCS! > i think that i take good photos.. its not bull shit.. the photos are quality.. im sick of people that are trying so hard to pull of that “artsy” look.. i have always been some one that like quality stuff and good content.. some of my photos are better than others and could stand alone in a gallery.. but thats not want the site is about.. its about abundance and excessive sexy girls…

TB! > Where’d you get that platinum chain with them diamonds init!?

MTCS! > from ludacris… actually my grandfather gave me the “hi” which is a jewish symbol and the cobrasnake is just something i had to buy for myself…

TB! > If you were given the power to put together a concert - what 5 musicians/bands would HAVE to be there together on stage, besides the obvious Chumbawamba and Michael Bolton?

MTCS! > billy joel
bob dylan
tom petty
talking heads

TB! > How awesome is Bloc Party!?!?! I think they’re great OMG WTF!!

MTCS! > bloc party is good.. ive been talking photos of them for like 6 months and its been so fun.. they are amazing people and musicans.. they have been working really had and its great that people are starting to know whats up… i really owe a lot to bloc party.. they let me stay with them everywhere from england and japan to texas….

TB! > Tell us a bit about what you do for LA Weekly.

MTCS! > laweekly is my favorite.. they embraced me to the upmost.. they are really creative and talented people.. i shoot my usual photos each week and they pick out the ones they want to print.. we give the photos capitions and it looks nice… its usually about a half of a page and now printed it color vision….

TB! > OK - the homeless people and the bums in the “Adventure Team” are weird and hilarious. I know there’s a blurb about what it is on the site but give us some more details…what’s up w/ this section on the site?

MTCS! > the adventure team was an idea i had to try to make a huge compilation for photos of the less fortunate… everybody with a camera has taken at least one really good photo of this category… so all i ask is for people to send them to me….

TB! > Do you have any favorite photographers, artists, or designers? What about a favorite food? What about a favorite drink? What about a favorite type of wood?

MTCS! > -i like terry richardson because its cool to like him…
-i like shepard fairey because he was my boss and mentor for 2 years
-i like vegetarian food..tofu and pasta especially
-i like all types of beer
-i like drawing and taking photos…

TB! > What makes a party/event turn into a Cobra Snake photo shoot? What are the qualifiers?

MTCS! > nothing everything is worth of thecobrasnake…

TB! > How are you always at these events? Are you on the speed dial of all these clubs and venues?

MTCS! > thats what people think but most of the time those assholes in charge forget all about me because they all this the other guy will make sure to invite me.. so its usually really last minuet ... to all promoters/magazines/cool people/anybody… if you know of something good going on let me fucking know.. i dont know anything thats cool…

TB! > Girls. Tell us how you feel about these unbelievably beautiful girls. Is it the lighting or something?

MTCS! > living in los angeles and going to nyc all the time you are constantly surrounded by the ladies.. im surprised there arent like tons more guys doing the same thing i do

TB! > When you’re snapping all these pictures… Do people know who you are right away? Do you ever have people that try too hard to be on The Cobra Snake?

MTCS! > they some times dont know whats up.. but i dont waste my time to get to know them.. also if they try to give me a hard time its their loss anyway… im like a famous photographer or something….

TB! > What about people who don’t want their picture taken? Do you do it anyway?

MTCS! > read above…

TB! > What kind of camera do you use? Can I cop it for $10 and some old basketball cards? Do you do any other kinds of photography?

MTCS! > i dont want to say because im not sponsored and it kind pisses me off…

TB! > Ever had someone ask you to take pictures off your site?

MTCS! > yea theres been a few compromising situations that ive captured…

TB! > Here comes the corny question we ask all the other people we interview… So Mark, where do you see The Cobra Snake in the next few years?

MTCS! > traveling the world and hopefully outerspace

TB! > Any closing comments? Anything you want to let everyone know? Anything random is cool…

MTCS! > this was dictated to my typist.. its a sophisticated sort of monkey….i have to shave his hands once a week…

TB! > What do you think about THE BRILLIANCE!?

MTCS! > its a good idea because.. this interview is preparing me for my appearances on jay leno, letterman and the todayshow with regis and kathy lee…

TB! > OK for the LAST time do you have any final FINAL comments that you might have missed two questions ago? Before I go back and change every answer you gave us to make you sound like a photographer who shoots only cobras and snakes?

MTCS! > visit my website and email me stuff because i like stuff..


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