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#INTERNET Ah, we're back! Like we said, we were just "chilling out" for like 3 years. Feels good to have the team back writing. Still us three: Chuck, Benjamin, and Virgil. Got new interviews coming up, and hopefully we'll be posting on a regular basis, who knows. We also interviewed each other, check: CHUCK, BENJAMIN, VIRGIL...


A blog post about the APC & Kanye Collaboration

Have you read the article from with Jean Touitou about this??  Like, better to start there I think than my post here.  This is a JEAN TOUITOU and Kanye collaboration - APC is Jean Touitou.  As simple as that sounds - these are the companies I have such a tendency to fall in love with - ones that have a figure head.  I once heard a quote, something like: “Companies can’t be run by democracy.  They need a competent tyrant.”  Love that.  I also love the concept of two insanely passionate characters like Ye and Jean working together - in a room - actually figuring it out.  The “figuring it out” part is the challenge.  I don’t have a ton of experience in fashion - but I have some.  I’ve designed and produced a tiny collection - I’ve sold in stores.  I’ve used 3-4 different manufactures.  I’ve interned for a women’s formalwear company as a vacation in NYC once.  Fashion is super hard.  It can really suck sometimes.  It’s not photoshop.  Obviously its much easier for APC to execute these things - they have a proper supply chain built - but its still challenging to come up with something cohesive, wearable, even manufacturable, and then ultimately sellable at a price point that actually makes money.  So yeah, take two characters like Touitou and Ye - its wild, its impressive.  And I love that its so focused - I love focus.  Everyone loves it - even if they don’t concisely know it.  The products/business that are successful are the ones with intense focused.

Anyway, I have to be honest, when I clicked “checkout” on this morning I did it as an act of participation in the hustle/struggle/adventure that is this clothing & fashion space.  Maybe I’m looking for some sort of fashion business karma - but my goal is to create participants of my collection at some point - work to earn their interest the same way Ye and Jean Toutiou grabbed mine.