The Brilliance!


#INTERNET Ah, we're back! Like we said, we were just "chilling out" for like 3 years. Feels good to have the team back writing. Still us three: Chuck, Benjamin, and Virgil. Got new interviews coming up, and hopefully we'll be posting on a regular basis, who knows. We also interviewed each other, check: CHUCK, BENJAMIN, VIRGIL...


Fabolous & Fashion! Rich & Yung!

You don’t have to agree with me now, but please admit that you read it here first. Fabolous did his whole throw-back jersey thing. Colorful, but nothing note-worthy… You certainly wouldn’t catch me wearing one. Not at all. But as lately your boy Fabolous seems to have stepped up his dressing game. Let me clarify, I personally wouldn’t rock his style, but I certainly appreciate his new ORIGINAL approach. He’s really doing something new in a subtle way. See the Getty Editorials and the ‘Get Right’ video. A lot of what you see him rocking, especially the thermals, are from his supposed upcoming line dubbed Rich & Yung. Regardless if you like him, his style, or my opinion here… THE BRILLIANCE! loves things that are refreshing in a scene ruled by tasteless ‘bling’ and ‘custom’ jerseys. Quick note, his outfit in the ‘Baby’ video is an exception to everything stated above.