The Brilliance!


#INTERNET Ah, we're back! Like we said, we were just "chilling out" for like 3 years. Feels good to have the team back writing. Still us three: Chuck, Benjamin, and Virgil. Got new interviews coming up, and hopefully we'll be posting on a regular basis, who knows. We also interviewed each other, check: CHUCK, BENJAMIN, VIRGIL...


Follow-up, Muxtape party…and our Flickr page!

So a quick follow-up on the post I made a few back, the Muxtape Party idea I had and then threw with my friend Rob. First off, I don’t throw a whole lot of parties…I attend quite a few, but don’t throw many. So this was my kind of my first stab at it. And…while it wasn’t huge, it was super fun. Actually, it was big enough to get ‘busted’ by security, ha. People came thru, they thew out hipster vibes, they had good Muxtape mixes, they danced, they had some drinks (I had more then some, ehhh), and they had fun…and they ‘got’ the concept of everyone being a somewhat in control of the music for the evening. Good stuff. We threw it my friend Kevin’s loft so playing music super loud and late wasn’t going to last forever…next one will be in one of the many loft warehouse spaces that are around here in downtown Grand Rapids. So yeah, it was a good time. I recommend it. Check the Flickr set at the link below, and don’t forget to check our Flickr page in general…our life style documented.